my story


Known for painting a visual landscape with words and music, Bren’s thoughtful, sometimes scathing commentary, offers an intimate conversation for the listener. Her songs brim with failed relationships, political frustrations, the beautiful ironies, and the unexpected magical exchanges hidden within the regular experiences of life. In 1992, Cream Magazine tagged her “The Mistress of the Apocalyptic Relationship.”

For two decades, Bren played to sold out venues across Germany, France and North America. She shared the stage with Bob Dylan in Europe, with Chrissie Hynde at Lilith Faire, and toured across the US and Canada with 90s musician Jeff Buckley. As a spokesperson for women in music, she launched, an online music magazine that became a focal point for the ROCKRGRRL movement, host to live events, interviews, and a CD store.  

In 2003, her first son, Mason was born, and she and longtime partner (healer and author Thomas Droge) relocated to a small town in Eastern Pennsylvania. And two years after that her second son (Dylan) was born. Shifting her focus inward, Bren put her creative energies into raising her two boys.

As her boys grew up, (now young men) Bren found herself facing a blank page with a lack of dark alleys, dim rock clubs and desperate moments for inspiration. A question lingered: What’s a Gen X rockergrrl with two boys, a husband who travels, a couple cats (one named Fluffy) and a golden retriever going to write about? Out of the chaos of Motherhood came a collection of poetry entitled Ode to Chores: the Good, the Bad, and the Laundry, and a new voice for a new decade. 

I knit this hat

Recording at LVShards 2017 (Bethlehem, PA)

House Concert 2017 Baltimore

me and mason on the ferry to Ellis Island, 2015

home made bubble wands

recording rocket to the moon